Including Dictionaries When Searching for Custom Types

The Include the Following Dictionaries in the Search setting allows Spirion to search for words within dictionaries that you specify. To add dictionaries to the list, click the ... button next to the Add Dictionary field and navigate to the desired dictionary or type the full path to the dictionary file and click Add. Please see below for the required dictionary file format.

The Require matches in at least this many dictionaries setting specifies the minimum number of dictionaries to consider all of the dictionary matches as part of the results for that location. A value of 1 specifies that at least one of the dictionaries must match to be included in the results. To require a higher minimum, specify the number in this setting. Setting the value to 0 will disable this check. e.g. If you set this value to 2 and you have three dictionaries configured as part of the custom type search, then the location must contain matches from at least two of the dictionaries to be considered a match. The default value is 1.

When using the Require matches in at least this many dictionaries setting, the Required checkbox allows you to specify the dictionaries that are required. For example, if there are 5 dictionaries specified, Require matches in at least this many dictionaries is set to 3 and no dictionaries are specified as required, matches from any 3 of the 5 configured dictionaries will satisfy the Required and all of the dictionary matches in the location will be returned as results. Using all of the criteria above, but specifying a dictionary as required will require at least on match for that specific dictionary and then and 2 of the remaining 4.

Dictionaries are plain text files that use the following format:


any words you want

Here is an example:



A Dictionary can also include phrases and can be configured using the following policy settings in a policy applied to the endpoint:

Note: Dictionary words may only contain English alphabetic characters [A-Za-z], numbers [0-9], periods [.], and spaces between words []. A period anywhere except at the end of the word. Users of the Console can customize the valid character set.

Note: A dictionary word list should not contain both leading and trailing spaces.

Note: Dictionary words are case insensitive. For example, if you have abc in your dictionary, it will match all of these:


(and other combinations as well).

Note: The Name is read from the Header section of the dictionary itself and must be present in the dictionary file.

Note: The file encoding needs to be in UTF-8 or ASCII.

Additional Information

To view or modify this setting, click the Configuration ribbon, then the Settings button and then select the Custom Types page.  For related information on Custom Types please refer to Searching with Custom Types.