Regular Expressions

Spirion can search for Regular Expressions. You can enable or disable searching for Regular Expressions by clicking the Data Types ribbon, then the RegEx button.  If you have not configured what to search for yet, the Custom Types List will be displayed and allow you to enter the desired Regular Expressions.  After you add regular expressions and click OK, searching for Regular Expressions will be enabled.  When the ribbon button is highlighted, Spirion will search for Regular Expressions.  To edit what to search for, click the option button. You may search for other Data Types simultaneously.

Note: Spirion uses the Perl regular expression syntax from the boost libraries.

Additional Information

To view or modify Custom Type settings, click the Configuration ribbon, then the Settings button, then the Custom Type page.  Alternatively you may click the Data Types ribbon, then click the Custom Type option button. For additional information on Custom Types please refer to Searching with Custom Types.