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Data Security Expert and CEO Todd Feinman Introduces Sensitive Data Manager 9.0

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Sensitive Data Manager® gives your organization an unprecedented advantage in protecting sensitive business data. It's more than a system or software solution. It's a new way of thinking—one that takes the increasingly challenging task of finding and protecting all forms of high-risk data and makes it manageable.

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Prepare for potential security incidents by ensuring there's nothing for attackers to steal. Sensitive Data Manager enables your people to pinpoint business critical and regulated data anywhere within your organization and apply one solution to reduce your sensitive data footprint. It is just what your organization needs to keep sensitive data secure—and out of the hands of attackers. As the incidence of breaches continues to increase, Sensitive Data Manager provides your organization with a continuous methodology of data protection that will soon become the industry standard.

Search files, images, and emails everywhere—from laptops to servers to cloud storage

Find SSNs, PCI data, Health information, and intellectual property

Stay in control from a centralized console

Manage & protect structured and unstructured data as it's created

Sensitive Data Manager

Sensitive Data Manager®

Sensitive Data Manager is a game-changing technology that accurately and exhaustively finds business critical and regulated data in your organization. No solution provides a more comprehensive and sustainable solution for dealing with sensitive data now and in the future.

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...Cornell has added Identity Finder to its toolkit to help inventory and protect private data

– Cornell University

We went looking for a scanning tool and with Identity Finder we not only found a scanning tool...

– Carnegie Mellon University

Identity Finder has been a critical component in our efforts to secure confidential data...

– University of Virginia

We found Identity Finder produced more consistent, comprehensive and reliable results...

– Texas State University

Of all the products we reviewed, we found Identity Finder to be most reliable...

– University of Iowa

We selected Identity Finder because it provides the flexibility of self-service searching and remediation...

– Baylor University

We chose Identity Finder because it was imperative that we found a software platform that allows us to...

– University of Notre Dame

Identity Finder's searching capabilities are very comprehensive...

– Quinnipiac University

Don't let an incident become a breach.

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