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Today's headlines are filled with news of an increasing number of data breaches. With more data having been stolen in the last twelve months than ever before, it's clear that traditional perimeter security solutions can't protect against sophisticated cyber attacks and insider threats.

Sensitive Data Manager solves today's data protection challenges by giving your organization the tools it needs to safeguard sensitive data against the sophisticated, intrusive and hard to defend attacks that are the most costly.

Sensitive Data Manager's revolutionary approach is built on industry-leading data logic algorithms, which allows your organization to systematically reduce data exposure risk across your organization's entire infrastructure. Get a free peek at the sensitive data sitting in your organization's system by trying it now.


The most accurate and precise platform for locating sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Manager uses AnyFind technology to find data such as social security and credit card numbers by employing contextual search technology that goes beyond fingerprint and pattern or regex style searching. AnyFind discovers the very difficult to find and then verifies using proprietary validation and advanced data logic algorithms that are unparalleled in the industry. The efficacy of every task throughout the sensitive data lifecycle—classification, monitoring and protecting—hinges on accuracy, the core component of Sensitive Data Manager's methodology.

AnyFind validation algorithm delivers unrivaled accuracy

Probe deep into databases, emails, cloud storage and all the places structured and unstructured data is created and stored

Find business critical and regulated data such as PII, PCI, and PHI

Prevent data loss by locating sensitive data unique to your organization

Find sensitive data like PII, PCI, PHI and more.


Bring your organization's exploding data growth under control.

Bring your organization's exploding data growth under control. Your organization has terabytes of historical data, new files being created every second, and more sensitive data than it can manage with traditional tools and processes.

Sensitive Data Manager helps organizations achieve what has been a costly and resource intensive exercise. It enables your people to pinpoint business critical, regulated and sensitive data buried deep within your organization and then classify it so your organization can employ secure protection strategies including shredding and encrypting.

Classifications can be fine-tuned to determine who has access, who uses the data, who owns the data and more. Along with Dynamic Classification, new data is classified automatically as it's created, allowing for a continuous approach to data security.

Create tags that remain with data to support user awareness

Set up automatic classification, reducing resource intensive activities and enforcing data governance

Empower employees to add security classification based on set policies and alert them to sensitivity of their data

Proactively monitor and classify sensitive data

Our data classification tools can help aid in protecting sensitive data.


Maintain a perpetual state of sensitive data management.

Sensitive Data Manager enables your organization to continuously monitor at-risk, sensitive, business critical and regulated data. If a new piece of sensitive data is created, Sensitive Data Manager immediately identifies it in real-time and automatically classifies it. AnyFind search technology enables real time discovery and classification with unrivaled accuracy.

Continuously monitor sensitive and critical data from a single, unified console.

Securely enforce data request policies made by employees and third parties

Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance

Take control and monitor sensitive, regulated and businees critical data in real-time.


Take action from a centralized management console.

Sensitive Data Manager offers a complete solution for enforcing your organization's data security policies—including remediating the risk. Within a single pane of glass, your people can direct a host of automated and manual actions:

Shred data securely

Redact sensitive data from documents that need to preserved

Encrypt sensitive data currently in use

Quarantine data to a secure location before it is improperly used or disclosed

Centralized management of your data allows you to protect sensitive data, all in one place.
The industry's only plug-and-play solution for managing sensitive data.

Having limited visibility into your organization's sensitive data increases its risk for a catastrophic data breach. Spirion® has the solution for simplifying your organization's data protection security challenges. The Sensitive Data Manager platform was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for reducing your organization's sensitive data footprint quickly and continuously.

Within an hour start seeing sensitive data results

Within a day create an inventory of sensitive data on all systems

Within a week Implement a process for continuous data protection

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