Compare Sensitive Data Management, Data Discovery, and DLP Solutions

Compare the market leading Sensitive Data Management, Data Discovery, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions that best fit the needs of your business. All solutions manage compliance and reduce the risk of data breaches.
Sensitive Data Manager Data Discover
Search agentless or agent-based
Search any file type on desktops or servers
Search Cloud storage folders (i.e. Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Amazon, etc.)
Search e-mail messages and attachments
Discover PII, PCI, PHI, Custom Data, or Intellectual Property
Remediate sensitive data at endpoint (shred, redact, encrypt, quarantine)
Shred and secure results from central Console
Notify and alert IT staff or data owners about unprotected results
Automatically Classify sensitive data using custom rules
Monitor searches and manage policies from central Console
Verify employees are taking action to clean their data
Report enterprise-wide with custom criteria from central Console
Search Database, Exchange, Web, Linux, and SharePoint Servers add-on
Search Images via automated OCR add-on
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