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Protecting Sensitive Data For Retailers & PCI Compliance

Where would your business be if customers didn't trust your company with their credit card or personal information? Sensitive Data Manager helps your company to honor that trust by keeping customers' financial data safe and under control.

Sensitive Data Manager makes it possible to easily find and protect credit card data throughout your organization's entire Cardholder Data Environment, including individual retail locations. That enables your company to perform internal audits in advance of assessor visits.

...Cornell has added Identity Finder to its toolkit to help inventory and protect private data

– Cornell University

We went looking for a scanning tool and with Identity Finder we not only found a scanning tool...

– Carnegie Mellon University

Identity Finder has been a critical component in our efforts to secure confidential data...

– University of Virginia

We found Identity Finder produced more consistent, comprehensive and reliable results...

– Texas State University

Of all the products we reviewed, we found Identity Finder to be most reliable...

– University of Iowa

We selected Identity Finder because it provides the flexibility of self-service searching and remediation...

– Baylor University

We chose Identity Finder because it was imperative that we found a software platform that allows us to...

– University of Notre Dame

Identity Finder's searching capabilities are very comprehensive...

– Quinnipiac University

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