Retail and Consumer Goods

Retailers, online and physical stores, franchisors, fashion brands, distributors, warehouses and manufacturer outlets/branches can easily find and protect credit card data throughout their retail locations as well as internally audit their cardholder data environment in advance of their quarterly assessor visits.
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Retailer Benefits

  • Support each location and subsidiary by enforcing PCI data discovery and protection as well as corporate compliance guidelines.
  • Easily integrate into existing heterogeneous computing environments within data centers and sales locations.
  • Classify and consolidate potential PCI data leaks within the administrative offices
  • Identify and improve broken business processes and employee behavior.
  • Avoid reputation damaging data breaches and associated penalties of PCI non-compliance.
  • Empower your Internal Security Assessor (ISA) and minimize PCI compliance costs.

How Our Solutions Help You

  • Discover, classify, consolidate, and protect PCI and to comply with PCI-DSS.
  • Manage implementation yourself avoiding expensive pro-serve labor costs.
  • Eliminate operational redundancy using centralized console for all point of sale locations.
  • Leverage centralized or decentralized searches based on how you manage your organization.
  • Achieve highly accurate detection and classification of PCI data reducing time analyzing false positives
  • Produce quarterly auditing/monitoring reports for PCI-DSS 2.0 compliance
  • Schedule searches to maintain an efficient and secure data environment and minimize risk of PCI data leak.

The Risk of Doing Nothing

Credit Card related data breaches carry high costs, including very high monetary penalties and lost business as part of PCI-DSS.
PCI-DSS Regulatory Fine: Fines up to $500,000 per incident; Fines up to $50,000 per day for non-compliance with standards; Liability for all fraud losses incurred from compromised accounts; Liability for the cost of re-issuing cards associated with the compromise.
Investigation: Hiring investigators to determine size and scope of PCI data breach.
Remediation: Infrastructure and software costs to fix the source(s) of PCI data breach.
Additional Labor / Consultants: Human and knowledge labor to fix the source(s) of PCI data breach.
Litigation / Settlement Expenses: Legal fees and settlement costs associated with credit card fraud.
Breach Notification: Fees from customer / victim notification and reporting procedures.
Reputational Impact: Having the business name in the news as having customer data stolen.
Opportunity Costs: Redirecting sales efforts from attracting new customers to breach reaction.

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