with the leader in data-centric security.

With every new data breach it becomes more apparent that there is a tremendous need in the world today for a new approach to data security. Spirion Data Platform provides the link that today's defensive strategies are missing, and it is the solution organizations everywhere are waiting for.

For over 10 years, Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)® has led the charge for data-centric security. Spirion Data Platform software is the culmination of everything we've seen and learned over that time and there is nothing like it on the market today.

Spirion Data Platform is a solution we want to share with the world, and once you learn about it, we're sure you'll want to partner with us. Toward that end, we're committed to making that as easy and profitable for consultants, resellers and OEM technologies as possible. If you're looking for the next big thing, you've found it in Spirion.

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A unique opportunity to add value to your clients.

Distinguish yourself among your competitors and provide an outstanding value to your clients using Spirion Data Platform. Unlike other tools you may be using for auditing, Spirion Data Platform provides a high degree of accuracy when searching for sensitive data like PII, PCI PHI and Intellectual Property.

Spirion Data Platform's actionable results provide you with an unparalleled assessment of your clients' sensitive data footprints. In addition, Spirion Data Platform gives you the priceless advantage of remotely searching structured and unstructured data on everything from laptops and servers to databases and the cloud. So you can get in and get out.

Do the job better, quicker and at a higher margin with Spirion Data Platform.


Fill the gap in your security offerings.

If you're offering your clients the finest security solutions on the market and they're still getting hacked, it's time you added Sensitive Data Manager to your arsenal. Your clients will love you for it—and you'll love the margins it brings you.

Spirion Data Platform fills the gaps in companies' security frameworks by providing a complete solution for finding and protecting their risky PII, PCI, PHI and IP data. The accuracy of our AnyFind® engine is unrivaled in the industry and it is the foundation for a solution that lets you build data practices right out of the box.

Added protection for your customers and added revenue for you make Spirion Data Platform from Spirion an exciting opportunity.

OEM Technology

Add leading edge data discovery and classification to your solution.

By OEMing Spirion Data Platform, you could begin providing a best-of-suite software to your customers. Spirion Data Platform—with the AnyFind® engine—provides functionality that enhances your business and services to give your customers the comprehensive data management system they need.

Your customers need penetrating discovery technology to find sensitive data buried throughout their cloud storage, servers, websites and laptops. They also need real-time and persistent classification. By embedding Spirion Data Platform in your product, you can provide that functionality in spades, because the accuracy of the AnyFind engine is unrivaled in the industry. And AnyFind comes wrapped in a complete solution for discovering, classifying, monitoring and protecting sensitive data.

Added protection for your customers and added revenue for your company makes Spirion Data Platform from Spirion an exciting opportunity.

Be a hero to your customers.

Add Spirion Data Platform to your solution and provide your customers with the industry's most advanced means for finding and protecting their at-risk data. You could end up saving them from a devastating breach.

Provide a sensitive data management solution

Ensure higher accuracy

Pinpoint PII, PCI and PHI

Find IP and custom data types

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