Sensitive Data Management

Enterprise Data Management & Loss Prevention

In Spirion Data Platform, Spirion® has developed the next generation technology for accurately identifying and classifying business critical, regulated and sensitive data in your organization. Spirion Data Platform features industry-leading AnyFind® technology and provides a four-part methodology for managing sensitive data through its lifecycle.

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Search Anywhere

Discover Everything

Attackers will crawl your organization's entire environment looking for data. Spirion Data Platform makes it possible to reach deep into your organization and rapidly create a global inventory of all the sensitive data. Spirion Data Platform allows your organization to search everywhere, including laptops, workstations, file servers, email servers, databases, websites, SharePoint, and cloud storage. Results are presented in simple, intuitive reports and dashboards—and your people can implement controls directly from the centralized management console.

Our data discovery tools can help with enterprise data management.

Find Anything

Know Your Organization's Data

Sensitive and critical data has many forms. Each can be devastating to your organization if breached. Spirion Data Platform identifies business critical and regulated data such as PII, PCI and PHI across the company infrastructure, on premise and in the cloud. Spirion Data Platform finds it, then uses AnyFind to verify its sensitivity. That saves your people from wasting effort on false positives and from protecting data that isn't sensitive.

Spirion software helps classify and identify sensitive data.

Centralized Management

Monitor Everything

The Spirion Data Platform console brings together all the important information your organization needs to make decisions about critical data. Behind the console's clean data representation, lies the industry's most advanced data identification and classification technology. The console is also home to easy-to-read reports, roles-based access control, continuous real time discovery and classification results, as well as workflow and user activity status updates.

Monitor and protect your sensitive data in one place.

Rapid Deployment

Master Sensitive Data

No two environments are the same. Spirion Data Platform enables your people to configure, search, review and act upon sensitive data in a way that meets your organization's needs and requirements. Your organization can also choose the Deployment Architecture that works best—centralized, decentralized, or hybrid implementation model.

Empower your organization to protect sensitive data.

Key Benefits

implement the next evolution in data security.

Your organization's exploding data growth, ever-increasing security risks, and compliance regulations require a security solution that can keep pace. Spirion Data Platform provides your organization with industry-leading validation and advanced data logic algorithms that are intuitive and easy to deploy.

Improve incident resiliency
Attackers can't steal what they can't find. Shrink your organization's sensitive data footprint by finding and removing data from systems where it doesn't belong.

Shrink your risk level
Protecting sensitive data is an integral component of today's leading-edge Defense-in-Depth strategies.

Protect your organization's reputation
The financial impact of reputational damage can be ruinous to companies and careers. Managing your company's structured and unstructured data is the key to preventing a breach.

Comply with regulations
Maintain compliance in a world of constant change—and stay a step ahead of the auditors.

Reduce operating costs
Reduce resource misallocation resulting from safeguarding data that isn't sensitive or within regulatory scope.

Validate security expenses
Ensure that your company is only paying to secure data that could cause corporate or collateral damage if it was stolen.

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